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Worldwide leaders in Fire & Life Safety Programs and Consulting


Mission Statement -  We are devoted to reducing the loss of life and property from fire and accidents at campuses around the world by providing quality, cost effective: fire & life-safety training, education and resources.

Vision Statement - It’s our vision to remain one of the premier training & educational organizations while continuing to be strong advocates for the promotion of campus fire safety, Security and Risk management by providing resources designed to protect our nations future leaders and beyond.


 "Keeping Fire Safety Proactive Not Reactive"




Campus Fire Safety is a group of fire safety professionals, training specialists, and educators who  specialize in "fire & life-safety" programs including onsite consulting and training & education. Our end users are; Colleges, Universities, Public & Private School Districts, Parents & Students, Greek Housing, Fire & Emergency Responders, Government Agencies, and Large Businesses & Corporate Campuses.


12th Annual - Campus Fire Safety, Security, and Risk management - Professional Development Conference & Expo (March, 2015).  
Training and education for campus administrators and their staff is very important to ensuring your campus community is safe. March of this year we hosted over 300 professionals (from over30 States and 2 Countries) in Columbus, Ohio for the annual conference.


Annually this conference offers between 30 and40 educational workshops, presented by the nation’s leading fire safety, security and risk management professionals. This is the only international conference focusing exclusively on Campus Fire Safety, Security, & Risk Management. Most of the educational facilities in this country are small colleges & universities.


Please CLICK HERE for the conference website.



The Campus Fire Coalition.

The nation’s three leading campus fire safety organizations have come together as the Campus Fire Coalition to share and promote campus fire safety resources that can help schools and communities in educating students, parents and administrators about the importance of fire safety.


Coalition members include: us here at CAMPUSfireSafety.com, Campus Firewatch and the Michael H. Minger Foundation. Please visit the coalition website and the other two member organizations by clicking the organizations logos below.






Every Student Goes Home.
Every year we take on new initiatives and support various projects. As you start winding down this academic school year many students are preparing to move "off campus" and seek housing arrangements for the next step in their lives.  I want to turn our focus and efforts on creating an environment free from the dangers of fire, and fire related injuries & fatalities to our nations future.


One of the goals all educational institutions have across the world is that at the end of the school year - Every Student Goes Home!


Our new slogan and goal is a combined effort for unified safety on and off campus through education and an educational dialog between students, parents, campus administrators, housing officials (both on and off campus) and the local fire department.


Join us in the efforts to create a unified nationally accepted plan for protecting our students.


If you have an interest in volunteering and supporting our efforts as part of our technical team, we are currently recruiting subject matter experts and corporate sponsorship to develop this national campaign and to work on our off campus fire death taskforce. Please e-mail Randy Hormann (info below) with your desire to participate and please include a small bio and or resume.



Task-Force on “Off Campus Fire Related Deaths”
As part of our "Every Student Goes Home" Campaign - We are working hard to
develop a taskforce on “Off Campus Fire Related Deaths”. Within the next few months, we will be moving forward with an expert panel of fire safety professionals from across the country to develop a strategic plan to help reduce off campus housing fire deaths. Once completed, there will be a website to view all of our research information, and to obtain training tools. A number of professional organizations including the US Fire Administration have agreed to partner with us in this endeavor. 


"The Journal of Higher Educational Safety" - Free News Magazine -
Welcome to  “The Journal of Higher Education Safety”. The electronic journal for Campus Fire Safety, Security & Risk Management. The nice thing about the journal is it will be packed full of technical knowledge. It will be suitable for printing (we guarantee you will not have to replace the toner cartridge after each issue). Our journal is an excellent avenue to reach professionals directly responsible for campus administration, management and operation of fire safety and risk management programs. We have a direct circulation of approximately 15,000 college and university professionals, as well as fire safety and code enforcement officials around the world...

If you would like to join other safety professionals and receive our newsletter and other announcements, please visit the "join the list icon" to the left of this page. Just fill in the information and you will be officially signed up!  


The Fire Code Academy - Awarded Government and Military Contracts to Conduct Firefighter Training Nationwide.
The educational arm of the Campus Fire Safety corporation (The Fire Code Academy) has been selected on multiple occasions to conduct training and educational workshops for Federal and Military Firefighters with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA), the United States Army, and the United States Air Force (ANG). Please see The Fire Code Academy tab located above for more information.

Fatal Fires on Campus
Unfortunately, we have experienced and suffered a number of fire tragedies involving college students both on and off campus. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. We ask you to help empower those around you to adopt fire-safety habits and education for students, parents, campus administrators, those who regulate on campus housing and those who rent to students off campus.


Here is a map showing fatal (campus) fires across the county. Click on this map for specific information on each fire.

This information is provided by CFW.



OSHA Training and Compliance Programming
One of the responsibilities of the Fire Code Academy is to provide OSHA level training and written program consulting to business and general industry companies.  Please visit the Fire Code Academy by clicking the link above for more information regarding industry training.



Federal Law - Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act
igned into law by then President Bush; this law is designed to increase fire safety awareness on college/university campuses across the nation by providing students and their families with the fire safety records of colleges/universities. This act was designed to require post-secondary institutions to publicly display fire safety information and statistics, much as they already do with other safety statistics, such as campus theft and assault. This information would inform prospective and current students of the policies, concerns and fire safety conditions that are present at the institution in which they have applied or are enrolled.

Through the educational division, we can assist your institution in managing reporting requirements and provide audits to ensure compliance with this federal law. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss how we can assist you.


How Can We Help Those On Your Campus Have A Positive Experience?
We provide a variety of services from on site consultation to training program development. Our goal is to provide services and information to those facilities who may not have the resources of a dedicated fire safety professional.  please click on the services link on your left to be directed to how we can help.



Who We Are - Our Primary Corporate Operations.
Education and Consulting Division
- We specialize in fire and life safety program development, emergency management planning, consulting, and onsite fire safety and risk reduction audits. Our primary expertise include: higher education, student housing (on campus, off campus and Greek organizations) K-12 School Systems, Health care, and Campus based businesses. Please see our list of services located above.


Fire Code Academy - The only Fire Code Academy in the World. This division provides specialized and technical training & education. The Fire Code Academy is one of only a few organizations in the country to host fire code and related trainings specifically. Instruction is provided on code inspection fundamentals and training on the Ohio Fire Code, The International Fire Code, NFPA 1,  NFPA 101 and related NFPA standards. Members of the fire service, government agencies, and corporate risk management personnel are invited to attend programs hosted by the "Fire Code Academy"

For more information please visit  - www.FireCodeAcademy.com



The Hormann Group to manage Campus Fire Safety.
Effective October 1, 2014 we have a new home! We are proud to announce The Hormann Consulting Group will now manage all administrative and daily operations for: Campus Fire Safety Com, The Fire Code Academy, The Journal of Higher Education Safety, and The Automatic Fire Alarm Association, from "high-atop" their Gahanna, Ohio office. This move brings all executive operations under one roof with an experienced team of management and administrative professionals.     

For more information please visit  - www.HormannGroup.com



From the Desk of Our President and CEO.
Thank you for visiting our website. Back in the year 2000 we started out providing consulting services and training specifically for educational facilities. Over the years, we have grown and expanded to be one of the only teams of trained professionals dedicated specifically to fire and life safety issues on campus. Today our focus is not just educational, we have expanded to include government, medical and business campuses across the county.


As the first organized effort to combat Fire Safety issues on campus and for student housing,

Campus Fire Safety Com LLC was formed to provide an avenue for those needing assistance in their multi-building fire safety effort. We provide a wide variety of services from on-site risk assessment audits to educational programs for parents, students, faculty and staff on those educational campuses to general safety and risBacholarHallk management programs and training for business and industry professionals. 


While other organizations and consulting groups have tried to follow in our foot steps, we are proud to say we remain leaders in the Campus Fire Effort World Wide!


As the President & CEO of Campus Fire Safety, I've had the opportunity to speak at a number of NFPA conferences and for other organizations. You have my commitment, that we will continue to offer cost effective training programs & conferences to keep facilities safe from fire and dangerous conditions.

I cannot emphasis enough our dedication to fire and life safety. The professionalism and the quality of programs, conferences, and services we provide are second to none. As our mission statement above says, our goal is to "Keep Fire Safety Education Proactive, Not Reactive".


In closing, I would like to introduce you to our leadership team. Please click our "About Us" tab above to learn more about who we are, and why we remain the leaders in higher educational and campus fire safety.

If you have questions concerning the services we offer, please feel free to give me a phone call or send me an email.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing from you.




Randall L. Hormann,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Representing Colleges and Universities Nationwide 








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